Basquetour: Turismoaren Euskal Agentzia. Agencia Vasca de Turismo

Basquetour programmes a course on the Basque Tourism Observatory tool

The software allows useful monitoring to enable decision-making on tourism policy

10/03/2011 - BASQUETOUR

The purpose of the course is to raise awareness of the Basque Tourism Observatory tool as a platform for objective observation of the surrounding reality, so that it provides useful information and analysis for decisions to be taken. It also has the advantage of being an alertness and monitoring management tool, as well as a means for businesses and tourist authorities to obtain reasonable assessments that assist in interpreting the tourism situation and act accordingly.

The course is theoretical and practical in format, lasts four hours and is intended for all players involved in tourist affairs, such as technical managers, competitiveness technicians, business associations and public administrations.

Date and venue of the event:

  • 3 October: San Sebastián. Hotel Londres, Windsor Room.
  • 4 October: Vitoria-Gasteiz. Hotel Lakua, Campezo Room.
  • 5 October: Bilbao. Hotel Dómine, Futurista Room.

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